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Linux Foundation Certification Exam Dumps, Linux Foundation Certification Practice Test Questions

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The Linux Foundation is a well-known organization that empowers developers and top companies use open technology and implement it in the industry. This organization assists in solving the hardest technology problems as it equips its candidates with relevant tools for that, offers training that help to zoom any open source project. Moreover, the Linux Foundation offers a lot of certification programs that broaden your skills and provide you strength to contribute to the success of your organization.

Outline for Linux Foundation Certifications

The accreditations offered by Linux Foundation demonstrate your skills and knowledge to potential employers who are waiting for savvy and certified professionals that can benefit them and possess open-source skills. At the same time, you would master the entire skill set demanded in the employment market nowadays with the help of the Linux Foundation certification journey. This vendor offers multilevel programs in different areas such as networking, system administration, blockchain, web & application development, ai/machine learning, and more. Thus, you can choose the field you are interested in, and even take the appropriate training to prepare for the final challenge. To add more, the certifications delivered by this organization fall into the following three levels: beginner, advanced, and intermediate.

The following are some of the suggested certification pathways.

(LFCA) Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate

This pre-professional qualification offered by the Linux Foundation helps the candidates to demonstrate their expertise in cloud computing and other information technology functions. Besides, it is the entry-level certification for candidates who want to get started as a Linux engineer or administrator. Moreover, it is a stepping stone for other high-level Linux Foundation certifications.

For this purpose, you have to take the appropriate LFCA proctored exam which contains multiple-choice questions that you have to complete within 90 minutes. You will be tested upon the cloud computing, security, DevOps fundamentals, as well as System Administrator fundamentals. In other words, you should validate your knowledge in operating systems, software product installation and management, use of command line, hardware installation, basic networking functions, and other important topics that show your capability and preparedness to a beginner-level IT role.

To register for this online test, the candidates are required to pay $200. Also, note, that this certificate is valid for 3 years.

(LFCS) Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator

This accreditation is the best way for individuals to demonstrate their Linux System Administration savoir-faire. The candidates who just started their career in open source area are the best candidates for this certification. In addition, it is recommended that test-takers have completed training in Linux system administration. The LFCS certification verifies that applicants are proficient in designing, managing, and configuring a system installation.

To earn this certificate, candidates need to pass the online performance-based exam that includes 20-25 tasks and lasts 2 hours. The exam will cost you $300 and note that in case you fail, the retake will cost you nothing. Furthermore, to obtain this certificate, you should learn about the essential commands, operation of running systems, networking, service configuration, user and group management, alongside storage management.

(LFCE) Linux Foundation Certified Engineer

This is the advanced-level certification that allows the candidates to validate their more advanced skills in Linux administration as well as engineering. Most of the time, it attracts engineers with 3 to 5 years of Linux experience, as well as those who want to show their proficiency in order to be promoted or to get a more profitable position.

Thus, the candidates are required to pass the relevant LFCE proctored exam which will cost you $300. The performance-based test lasts for 2 hours and consists of 20-25 tasks related to essential commands, user and group management, service configuration, operating and running systems, system design and deployment. Moreover, this exam includes performance-based items, so you should be ready to solve simulating the real tasks scenarios within the allocated time.

Training Courses Recommended for the Linux Foundation Certifications

Essentials of Linux System Administration (LFS201) by Linux Foundation

This training course is designed for newbies in IT or those cloud professionals who want to have a solid understanding of Linux administration. This training will be useful for those candidates who have worked with other operating systems except Linux.

LFS201 is an online program that is proved to be helpful for candidates who are going to take the Linux Certified System Administrator exam afterwards. This course will equip you with skills to work with Linux distribution families (SUSE, Ubuntu, Red Hat) and provide some operations with them, such as administering, configuring, and upgrading them. In addition, you’ll become proficient in building and managing the Linux infrastructure.

So, the course contains video content and hands-on assignments that will allow you to prepare for the LFCS exam. After enrolling in this course, you will get access to:

  • 50-60 hours of training material
  • Hands-on labs
  • Video content
  • Discussion forums
  • 12-month access to online course

You will be going through all the important topics that will come in the exam, such as signals, RPM, zypper, APT, system monitoring, firewalls, among many. It will help to master the core concepts and enhance your knowledge about Linux systems. This course will cost you $299.

Linux Networking and Administration (LFS211) by Linux Foundation

This online training program is designed for IT professionals and administrators who need to attain practical skills to work with Linux network configuration and services, be proficient in the topics covered in the LFCE exam. Moreover, it is aimed at candidates who want to gain skills to complete the tasks related to designing, deploying, and supporting a network that is running under Linux. After taking this training you will be able to administer network services, configure network interfaces and deploy and configure email, file, web, and other name servers. The course is self-paced and available online. It will greatly assist you in preparation for the Linux Foundation Certified Engineer exam and broaden your IT skills in Linux. The details of the course are the following:

  • Video content
  • Hands-on labs
  • Hands-on assignments
  • 50-hour course material
  • Discussion forums
  • Annual access to this online course

LFS211 training course will cost you $299. As for the course content, it includes 19 chapters, each of with is dedicated to a definite domain. These chapters cover all the important aspects of the LFCE exam including HTTP servers, remote access, file sharing, email servers, advanced networking, to mention a few. As a result, you will become well prepared for the final test once you go through all the video content and lab exercises and also a lively dialogue with other fellows present online on the discussion forums.


As you already understand, you can attain the Linux Foundation certificates and share them on your profile to attract potential employers. They are seeking skilled system administrators and engineers, who can work together to resolve the problems related to a Linux system, and its sever distributions, such as Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu.

However, you cannot pass the appropriate exams with a good score if you are not well prepared. It's essential to put effort into your preparation for attaining the prestigious accreditations from the Linux Foundation. For that choose the training the suits your needs, and start the process today. Therein lies your success.

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  • Mark
  • Canada
  • May 29, 2024

folks, yesterday I passed the Linux LFCS exam. it was a nerve-racking but at the same time memorable for me experience. I would rate this exam rather difficult in comparison with exams from other providers, for example, RedHat, and as for me, the questions in the exam were a tad ambiguous and not so straightforward..well, in a nutshell, I’m here to say thank you, folks,for your braindumps, they helped me review the exam objectives just before the exam and thus,my hard prep, usage of your and official materials helped me pass and now I’m a certified Sys Admin! good luck to potential takers of the exam!

  • Sudi
  • United Kingdom
  • Apr 26, 2024

@Wyre, don’t worry the material is valid, it helped my review b4 the last LFCS exam. hope you ain’t preparin’ in the nick of time? :)) if you’re to take only sample questions, you’re likely to fail though

  • Wyre
  • Mexico
  • Mar 30, 2024

guys are lfcs dumps valid? pls tell me someone really need to know as having my exam in two weeks

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