5 Useful Tips: How to Conquer IT Job Search in This Digital Age?

The field of IT in the United States absorbs more than seven million professionals from the labor market. In comparison to many other industries, this figure is quite huge. As a matter of fact, the growth of IT is so rapid that there are over 600,000 jobs that are yet to be filled in the Information Technology realm. The increase in demand for the IT specialists has also directly affected the salary potential as it grows because of it. Based on the report, the average salary of an IT professional is about $135,000 per annum. It is essential to mention that the actual salary that an individual earns is determined by a number of factors. These factors include IT certifications, years of experience, and job roles.

This sound like good news, right? You are probably thinking of sending your resume to an IT organization right now so that you can get one of those 600,000 jobs for yourself. Well, it doesn’t come that easy. There is a huge demand for the IT professionals and huge employment opportunities for the individuals looking to break into the industry, thanks to the digital age. If you are looking to defeat the challenges associated with job search in the field of IT, following the tips shared in this blog post will be of immense help to you. Let’s look at these five lifehacks that will set you apart from others while searching for a job.

  1. Be Thorough

If there is one thing that puts the hiring managers off, it will be a resume or a cover letter with plenty of grammatical and spelling errors. Before you send one, take the time to thoroughly check it for readability, spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes. There is a tendency to rely on technology and believe that the word-processing applications on your system will filter and correct any mistakes. Unfortunately, these programs are what they are – programs. There is no way they can replace human critique. Something that looks clear on the computer screen might be confusing to the HRs and this can significantly affect your prospect. Therefore, painstakingly go through your CV over and over until you are sure that it is devoid of any errors whatsoever. If possible, you can get someone else to cross-check for you. The IT specialists are getting more involved in business and being called up to make technology decisions. This means you can’t afford to lack efficient communication skills if you want to grow your career in the industry.

  1. Earn IT Certifications

No doubt, your experience in the industry is very important. As a matter of fact, you need some level of experience to take up some high-level job roles and responsibilities in the field of Information Technology. However, your experience alone is not enough to grow your career in the IT sector. In addition to this, you need more than expertise to get noticed by the potential recruiters. Most times, getting a job and advancing your career requires that you earn the industry-recognized credentials. There are numerous certificates that you can consider to get you started in the certification path. Some popular and relevant ones that you might want to consider include MCSE, ITIL v3 Foundation, PMP, and CompTIA A+. It is important to mention that earning a credential is not a joke. You must be ready to make some investment in terms of money and time. The great thing is that with any IT certificate, you significantly increase the chance of being called up for an interview and getting a better-paying job.

  1. Interact with IT Professionals

Although creating a strong-selling resume and a cover letter can land you a great job but there are other ways you can build your career in IT. The simple truth is that there are many other people who are interested in the job position that you want. These individuals also have great resumes and possibly have a better experience than you do. So, how do you make headway in such circumstances? If you are looking to grow your career in the field, it is recommended that you first grow your network.

No man is an island. Interact with other professionals in your industry, attend local IT conferences, and join suitable social groups. It is critical that you develop your network. Connect with other specialists in the organizations you would like to work with. If possible, invite them for lunch and ask everything you want about their job and company. This will give you an in-depth knowledge of the organization, its corporate culture, recruitment drives, and the company’s expectations from new hires. With this information, you can better prepare yourself for a job application and interview in the organization.

  1. Don’t Stop Applying for a Job

When you come across a job that you feel you are not fully qualified for, don’t scroll past or ignore. Apply for the job anyway. What is the worst thing that can happen? They won’t call you for an interview. However, you might be lucky and your certification or experience catches the attention of the recruiter and you get called for an interview. You lose nothing by applying for every job that comes your way. However, you don’t know what you lose when you don’t apply. This doesn’t mean you can just send your resume to the companies anyhow. Before you send it, make sure that your CV is tailored to the advertised position. Ensure that there is a way you can relate your current work experience to the job expectation of a new role. This will increase your chance of being called for an interview.

  1. Pay Attention to your Online Presence

Don’t ignore your social media handles. Some recruiters check the candidate’s social media pages before making employment decision. Develop your LinkedIn profile and get into conversations that have to do with your field.


Thus, you can see that you need a lot of efforts for a successful job employment. With these tips, you will deal with this season of life much easier because you will see the right way that you need to follow.