Reasons To Get Microsoft MCSA Certification

MCSA certification can be called as Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator. This certification exam was introduced freshly during 2002 and it is regarded as one of the most significant certifications that are needed to candidates who desire to strengthen their career path in IT field. Microsoft MCSA course is a certification of mid-level for those candidates with minimum one year practical experience in desktop operating system, network OS as well as inherent networking infrastructure.

MCSA certification will perfectly suit candidates who want to maintain and supervise existing networks which are conflicting with MSCE skills needed for execution as well as implementation of a new network. Owing to the constant demand in windows server 2003, MCSA certified experts will not get retired instantly in future and also new age groups are not required to interchange this MCSA certification as they are solely concentrated on more than a few technologies.

What Is Microsoft?

Microsoft is a Universal Technology Corporation that solely concentrates on expansion and execution of software utilized on computers and on WWW. The company’s Windows Operating System is the most extensively utilized operating system across the world. The corporation was founded in year 1975 by CEO Bill Gates.

Levels of Microsoft Certification

There are basically three levels associated with a Microsoft Certification:

  • Microsoft Technical Associate ( MTA )

Microsoft Technical Associate is an entry-level Microsoft certification designed for people seeking awareness of fundamental technical ideas. MTA cert course addresses an outsized spectrum of core tech related concepts, authenticates and assesses your fundamental technical acquaintance, and boosts your technical credibility.

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate ( MCSA )

This Microsoft certification is designed for candidates who seek entry-level jobs in IT environment. MCSA is essential for highly advanced Microsoft certifications.

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert ( MCSE )

A Microsoft Certified Solutions Specialist is a certification exam designed for IT pros looking for demonstrating their skill to build inventive solutions across manifold technologies, both in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer ( MCSD )

An MCSD certified professional is an individual who has passed exams that check their aptitude to develop and design custom business apps with Microsoft development tools, platform, and technologies. With the intention of preparing for this certification, you can take online courses in a certified training center, in certified courses in college or highs school, or through self-study at Microsoft’s official website or through certified training stuffs.

Career Prospects for MCSA Certification

Mentioned below are a number of career prospects for MCSA certified experts:

Networking Administrator: A Networking administrator is accountable for installing and maintaining computers and network within an organization so that there is active flow of information. They accomplish tasks like maintaining and implementing network software and hardware, troubleshooting network issues and ensure the security and availability of network. They also ensure to follow performance standards.

System Administrator: System administrators are individuals who configure and upkeep computer systems within an organization and ensure their consistent operation. These computer systems could be multi-user systems like servers. They make certain that the performance; security and resources of the systems they are managing, meet prerequisites of individuals and do not surpass budget.

SQL Database administrator: An SQL database administrator must have comprehensive understanding of SQL server’s proficiencies and correspondent knowledge of technology. He/she must be acquainted with how to weight database technology to handle business prospects and challenges faced by the organization.

Cloud Architect: The professional who manages a business’s cloud computing tactics is called as a cloud architect. These strategies involve cloud adoption plans, cloud application design, cloud management and monitoring. He/she takes great care of application positioning in cloud environments just like public cloud, private cloud as well as hybrid cloud.

Top MCSA Certifications

Two most popular MCSA certifications are as follow:

  • MCSA – Windows Server 2016
  • MCSA – Linux on Azure

MCSA – Windows Server 2016

For whom MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification designed?

Becoming a MCSA – Windows Server 2016 certified expert validates you for a designation of computer or network system administrator or as a system networking technician. It is the initial step on your career path to become MCSE certified.

Which exams to pass?

You need to pass exams. Be sure to explore exam preparation resources.

  • 70-740 Installation, Compute, and Storage with Windows Server 2016
  • 70-741 Windows Server 2016 Networking
  • 70-742 Windows Server 2016 Identity

Experience Required

In order to get MCSA certification, candidates must have sufficient amount of expertise with server and local storage solutions covering configuration of volumes and disks, Data de-duplication, Disaster Recovery, Higher Availability, Failover Clustering solutions and Storage Spaces Direct. The candidates must also be acquainted with handling Containers and Hyper-V along with monitoring and maintaining servers in compute and physical environments.

Skills needed to have MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification

Have foundational information technology skills. If you feel that you do not have these abilities, consider following one or more Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA) certs.

MCSA: Linux on Azure

For whom MCSA – Linux on Azure certification designed?

This certification exam demonstrates your proficiency to design, implement, maintain and architect multifaceted cloud-enabled Linux solutions that leverage Azure open source abilities. It also authenticates your Linux system administrative proficiencies to demonstrate that you are fluent in modern cloud-native world.

Which exams to pass?

Here are basically two exams that you must pass with the intention of earning Linux on Azure Microsoft certification. These two exams are mentioned below:

  • Microsoft 70-533 for implementing Azure infrastructure solutions
  • LCFS Linux Foundational Level Certified System Administrator

This certification is a combination of Azure and Linux. With both 70-533 and LCFS exams in hand, it is certainly a System Administrator and Infrastructure focused exams.

Skills needed to have MCSA Linux on Azure certification

In order to get MCSA Linux on Azure should have foundational information technology abilities. If you feel that you do not hold these skills, consider following one or more MTA certifications.

Individuals, who can accomplish both managing as well as maintaining tasks equally fine, can have a number of benefits from Microsoft MCSA certification. Furthermore, these certified professionals can also have groundwork for getting another substantial certification, named as Microsoft MCSE certification. Thus, after becoming a successful MCSA certified expert, the interested candidates can also apply for MCSE certifications with the intention of having higher level of qualification. This qualification will, ultimately, support them in their practical area of expertise.