Make Your First Step in IT with Microsoft Certifications

There is an exponential growth in the job market for Information Technology with new positions being advertised practically every day. As a matter of fact, it seems that there are more open positions than the number of qualified professionals that are available to fill them. The implication of this is that the job seekers now have more leverage and choices than before. Before you jump excitedly and start sending your resume to the organizations that are looking for the qualified candidates, you have to take note of the keyword in the requirements – qualified’. What does it mean to be qualified? It means you must meet all the prerequisites to take up the relevant job role.

The organizations have specific skill sets that they look out for in the applicants that they want to employ. Without such skills, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for you to take up such job roles. This means that you have to brace up and develop knowledge and expertise that will put you at an advantage in landing your dream job. By the way, the reason for the large open positions in the companies is because of the shortage of talents in specific areas. In other words, it’s not that there are no candidates to fill up job roles, the problem is that many of them are not qualified for these titles.

No doubt, there is a huge reward for the individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to cover the knowledge gap and validate their skills. By making yourself an ideal candidate, you will have a competitive edge over other job seekers and a high chance of landing better benefits and higher remuneration.

How can you transform yourself into an ideal candidate for your dream Microsoft tech job?

One of the foolproof ways to boost your knowledge and skills and also enhance your value in the industry is to earn an IT certification. As a matter of fact, the certificates are becoming an essential tool for gaining the competitive edge in the field. According to a recent survey, it was discovered that about 54% of the Microsoft specialists have at least one credential, which makes it an important requirement if you really want to compete favorably in the market.

The specific certification that is ideal for you depends largely on your chosen career path and plan, as well as the area you want to specialize in. Irrespective of the certificate you pursue, the fact is that having one or two Microsoft credentials on your CV is a great way to bolster your marketability. According to a survey carried out by Microsoft, about 23% of its certified technologies got about 20% increase in salary after earning a certification. The implication of this is that the credentials of this vendor can significantly increase your earning potential.

Why do recruiters place great value on Microsoft certifications when evaluating candidates?

The world of Information Technology is constantly evolving, and many organizations, especially those in end-user businesses, need to keep up with the pace of development of the IT space in order to meet their digital ambitions. A lot of these companies don’t have the in-house skills to achieve this, which means they need to source for the skills and expertise. Sometimes, they don’t even know what they really require, and when they do, they still have to go the extra mile to find the perfect candidate with the required experience in the cutting-edge technologies that they need. Sometimes, your job descriptions in your current job role may not suffice in positioning you as the right candidate for such an opening. However, an IT certification can validate your skills and knowledge of a specialized area. According to a survey carried out by CompTIA, about 86% of recruiters consider the IT credentials a priority when reviewing the potential employees for jobs. Now, that’s huge!

Today, the Microsoft certifications have a bigger scope than it once was. Thanks to the new role-based credentials, the individuals can explore the certificates based on their job roles and career path. The focus of Microsoft has shifted to more contemporary technology such as Cloud infrastructure and AI. With the new certifications, the professionals can easily validate the relevant skills and knowledge, and position themselves for better and bigger opportunities in the job market. Also, the certificates validate your commitment to remaining relevant and keeping up to date with development in your field. These are some of the core attributes that the employers are looking for. The recruiters want to engage those candidates who are dedicated to developing their expertise in the latest platforms and trends in Information Technology.

Are Microsoft certifications important to hiring managers?

When it comes to updating any certification, Microsoft has never failed in this regard. The credentials of this vendor are regularly updated to reflect the fast-paced changes happening in its product offerings. A lot of other certification providers don’t do this as they leave the task to the organizations that run the accreditations on their behalf. However, Microsoft develops its own certificates as well as exams. It also directly validates the specialists, which makes the employers trust its endorsement.

Additionally, the commitment of Microsoft to offer value-driven education that befits its status as a leader in the field of IT has also placed its certifications among the top-rated ones by the employers. This means if you have a credential of this vendor on your CV, you can expect to attract the attention of recruiters.

What Microsoft certifications are in demand today?

If you are considering taking up one or two Microsoft certifications, it is important to look out for the most in-demand credentials to increase your chance of landing your dream job. The truth is that a lot of Microsoft certificates were top of the list of highest paid and most sought-after certifications in 2018. Here they are:

  • MCSE: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure;
  • MCSD: App Builder;
  • MCSA: Data Engineering with Azure.

These certificates remain some of the most sought-after credentials in the industry with salaries ranging from an average of $107,909 to $144,100 per annum. Therefore, they are some of the top choices that you may want to consider to boost your opportunities in the job market.


As you see, nowadays, having an IT certificate is an important part of achieving great results in your job. By earning one, you become an in-demand professional who will be immediately promoted or taken for a required position. If you don’t believe us, just try.