Top Vendors On The IT Certification Market

In order to get a resume fully prepared for landing the best IT job possible, you’re going to need the help of a few IT certificates. With certifications, you not only show your employer the various skills you have learned proficiency in, but you show them the drive and dedication to growth necessary of any professional. In the rapidly growing tech industry, any IT applicants need every single tool available in order to land the career of their dreams. Having the right certificates to help you build the proper skill sets and resume is the first step.

See the list of the main IT Certificate Vendors and the certifications they provide:


Being the foremost provider of most technology used in businesses worldwide, Microsoft remains one of the most important forces in the new market economy of the world. Additionally, their certification programs are among the best in the world and carry a substantial weight behind them. Attaining a Microsoft certification is, by all accounts, one of the most applicable certification you can attain. In 2017, Microsoft restructured their certifications to better comply with new software regulations. These certifications begin with the Technology Associate (MTA) and expand to Solutions Associate (MCSA) and conclude with Solutions Expert (MCSD/MCSE).


The Computing Technology Industry Association is one of the most prestigious entities in the IT world and offers vendor-neutral certifications on a variety of topics. Universally recognized, CompTIA certifications are eminently desirable for employers because of their comprehensiveness and competency for entry-level applicants. CompTIA offers a wide variety of certifications, including IT Fundamentals, Network+, Security+, Linux+, and Server+, all designed to boost your repertoire and learn various fundamental skills. CompTIA offers both online and in-class accreditation for students wishing to bolster their skill sets.


At the forefront of virtualization technologies, VMware’s certifications are championed in the industry for their ability to successfully navigate the demands of virtual environments. The certifications found with VMware all focus upon the knowledge and skills required to support and manage the wide range of VMware’s proprietary products.  Within their accreditation system, certifications can be found in two key areas: Desktop Virtualization (VCA-DT/VCP-DT/VCAP-DT) and Datacenter Virtualization (VCP/VCAP/VCDX). Within these two fields, VMware provides prospective students with three certificates each, dependant on the skill level of the applicant.


A standard in diverse network strategies, Cisco offers a wide range of accreditations when it comes to networking Cisco products specifically as well as IT networking more generally. This holistic approach to network administration and technical proficiency allows Cisco certified specialists to accurately analyze and solve a wide range of network problems, in any field. Cisco offers five levels of certification: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect, each offering a wide range of job paths pertaining to a specific discipline.


ISC is a company that specializes in training applicants for cybersecurity positions and is the largest security firm organized in the IT space. This not-for-profit organization focuses on vendor-neutral certification and is famous for its Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification, which is a globally-recognized certificate that means an exceptional amount to prospective employers. In addition to this certificate, which has multiple levels of expertise, there is also a range of other certificates, such as Certified Cloud Security Professional or Systems Security Certified Practitioner.


Another widely recognized and meritorious company, EC-Council is a company that specializes in anti-hacking and responses to hacker attacks, as well as ways to deal with a wide range of security threats. The main certification given by the company is the Certified Ethical Hacker, which, in effect, encourages applicants to beat hackers by learning more about the tools used by nefarious actors in order to defend against them. This vendor provides employers with a pool of talent that is used by the American government, like the NSA and the DoD.


The organization in charge of Project Management, the Project Management Institute is one that assures employers that the graduates of their certification programs understand and are readily capable with projects of all kinds. The PMI is a universally accepted and globally-renowned accreditation that expands the applicant’s diversity of skills and enumerates upon existing project management foundations. The PMP certification is a time tested and respected program that is eminently transferable to various industries.


A foremost contributor to network security concerns, Fortinet is interested in its certificate program attendees to be able to deliver integrated, generalized, and high-power security across all kinds of IT fields. A leader in network and content security, this vendor provides a range of certifications that all deal with various aspects of network security, all aimed at attaining the highest possible exploit blockrates. Fortinet also deals with other more niche aspects of security such as email, cloud, and web security, as well as more broad topics like management and analytics.


Oracle specializes in certifications based on their own products such as business technologies like the Oracle DBMS. If you are interested in working with databases, Oracle commands some of the highest respect in the industry and is easily one of the most desired accreditations in this realm. There are three levels of Oracle certification, which are the Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Certified Professional, and Oracle Certified Master.


A leader in all manner of technological products and solutions, IBM is one of the largest vendors in the IT world and is recognized globally as a highly sought-after area of expertise to cultivate. The IBM Professional Certification Program offers a reliable, objective method to assess the current abilities of clients and has a complete range of certificates for clients of any skill level. Certifications include IBM Watson, IBM Cloud, IBM Analytics, and more.

Certificates are the intelligent path to a stable career

Certificates, unlike college or university degrees in IT, offer hands-on, real-world applicable knowledge that the post-secondary system simply can’t get to. Instead of theory, you are gaining relevant and applicable experience that you can directly use in the career of your choice. Employers all want to be sure that you understand the basics, but for specific mastery, it is important to know the intricacies of vendor-specific products and systems. With certificates, you will always be prepared for any eventuality.