Chief In-Demand Tech Skills 2018

With the rapid speed at which IT is developing, there are many professions that one can choose to pursue. However, there are top definite tech skills that employers look for in order to get top professionals on vacant places in the company. Their main aim is a flourishing business, while yours-a career prospect as well as a high salary. This article discusses the 8 most in-demand skills necessary to obtain and be on the top of your career in IT in 2018.

1. Python

It is a high-level language that has gained popularity for its application in back-end development of web-based apps, video games and software development. It fits perfectly into agile system development methodologies which are increasingly being used to build modern systems. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are supported by Python as well. This places it as the most in-demand skill that one should learn for a promising career in system and software development. One can get certification in Python from online courses offered by companies such as Linda, Udemy and Cybrary. It is a fairly easy language to learn and one does not need prior experience to learn.

2. Java

It is a promising programming language that can be used to create mobile apps, software, and websites. It is a commonly used language in e-commerce solutions, server applications and is the backbone when coding Android apps. The language is platform-independent thus Java applications can be run on many platforms. It is not particularly hard to learn Java since there are many online courses that one can sign up for and learn basic or advanced programming techniques with the language. Recognized online learning platforms such as Udemy and Lynda provide certification upon completion of their courses that can be used when applying for jobs. To learn Java, one does not need prior experience but some background in coding helps.

3. Cloud Services

The cloud is receiving wide adoption by many organizations and therefore they have been on the hunt for people conversant with the three offerings of the cloud. These are Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a Service and Service as a Service. One should particularly be knowledgeable of how to deploy applications on the cloud, build cloud-based apps or maintain cloud-based systems. Online platforms, as well as universities, offer training in cloud services. ComTIA, Amazon, VMware, IBM are among the leading vendors providing cloud certifications. No experience is required to study for this but it helps to have advanced computer usage skills.

4. Linux

It is said that Windows is for normal users and Linux is for technical users. This is because many developers, programmers, penetration testers and system engineers prefer Linux. There are therefore many applications that run on Linux deployed in organizations. A huge percentage of web servers are also Linux. For maintenance purposes, organizations are always looking for Linux-knowledgeable people. There are online certifications that one can get after learning Linux from online platforms. As for the vendors that provide Linux certifications are CompTIA, GIAC, Red Hat, Microsoft and others. No experience is required but previous interactions with Unix-based operating systems is helpful.

5. JavaScript

It is a dynamic scripting language that is used mostly in web-based applications. JavaScript is a runtime language and is commonly used to refine user experience in websites by allowing users to interact with several functionalities in real time. JavaScript can be learned from colleges and online platforms. It is not a particularly difficult language to learn but some coding knowledge in web development languages such as HTML may be necessary. It may also help if one has basic knowledge of Java.

6. SQL

At the core of relational database systems is the SQL language. It is one of the most used languages in database creation and manipulation. Many apps and websites are built using this language. Since the language is extensively used in any web or software development project that involves the storage and retrieval of data, SQL programmers hardly ever tire while looking for jobs. There are online certifications offered for the language by organizations such as Udemy and TreeHouse. The language is not hard to learn and one does not need prior knowledge to grasp its concepts.

7. Matlab

Matlab has been in use since the 1980s thus is not a new language. It has been applied in engineering and science disciplines since it lets a programmer complete mathematical tasks quicker and easier than with other languages. Other languages will require some custom programming to do tasks that Matlab will carry out natively. The language also comes with inbuilt algorithms for machine learning and big data which has increased the its relevance. The language is also built to readily integrate with hardware from 130 vendors. Therefore, the language is seeing a lot of application and consequently the search for people with expertise in it has intensified. Matlab can be learnt through online courses offered by companies such as Udemy which give certification upon completion. One does not need prior experience to learn it but some programming knowledge especially in Python is a big advantage.


HTML 5 is just a newer version of HTML that has incorporated features that developers had to use CSS to achieve. HTML 5 has greatly improved the layout and usability of websites. It has also made it less tasking to build websites. HTML 5 comes with new tags and elements that enable developers to come up with cleaner and richer code. HTML 5 can be learnt free of charge online but there are some platforms that will charge a fee. To best understand HTML 5, knowledge in HTML is required but one can still start learning from scratch.

IT is vast field and it is best for one to align their skill-acquisition goals with areas that are in high demand in organizations. This article has outlined 8 skills that employers are desperately looking for in job applicants. Most of these skills have gained demand due to the recent changes in the IT landscape. Notably, there are leading vendors offering IT certifications for these skills through online courses. All one needs to do is complete the course and pass the certification exam. Most of these skills are necessary in system and software development, a field that is ever-growing.