VMware VCAP6-NV 3V0-643 – Introduction

  1. Welcome

I will cover some of the useful command-line utilities for analyzing virtual network traffic and then talk about physical adapters, how to find drivers for them, and some of the features they support, such as net queue receive, side scaling, SR IOV, and direct path IO. Next, I’ll talk about multicast filters and DV filter functionality in the distributed switch and advanced VMAX networking. Three Features.

  1. What you should know

This is an advanced course and assumes that you have a general knowledge of Vsphere and physical networking configuration and protocols. If you haven’t already watched them, I recommend watching my Configure and Manage Vser Six Networking, Configure and Manage Vser Distributed Switch, and VMware VCR Network Troubleshooting courses prior to watching this course. I’ll be using the lab I built in the Learning Vsphere Six Five course in this course. However, you can use any Vster lab or VMware’s hands-on labs to follow along.