What Should You Know About New Amazon AWS Certified Database – Specialty Exam?

Just recently, Amazon released a statement about the imminent launch of the beta edition for its AWS Certified Database – Specialty exam. This new test will be one of the newest additions to the specialty credentials of Amazon Web Services. This beta version is designed to evaluate the objectives of the new exam before the full release to the general public. The exam code for new AWS Certified Database – Specialty is DBS-C01.

This certification test is intended for the professionals working in database-focused roles in the field of IT. The exam will evaluate the candidates’ capabilities on an extensive understanding of the database. The areas that will be tested include the knowledge and skills associated with designing, maintenance, access, monitoring, deployment, migration, troubleshooting, automation, and security.

Overview of Beta Exam

The candidates looking to learn more about the newly introduced AWS Certified Database – Specialty beta exam should go through the official site of Amazon Web Services. If you are planning to take this test, you can start preparing for its registration, which will begin on December 2, 2019. It is essential to mention that there is a limited time period for it, which means you have to register at the moment when the registration platform opens if you really want to take this certification exam. In case you are wondering why this Amazon test has to go through the beta version. Well, it may interest you to know that the Certification exams usually go through this process to gather statistical information about the outlines as well as get feedback from the students to enable the vendor of any test to improve the exam and its questions before going public.

There are specific skills that will be measured by the AWS Certified Database – Specialty exam. These include:

  • Understanding & distinguishing major features in AWS database services;
  • Analyzing the needs and prerequisites for the design & provision of recommendations for dependable database solutions, leveraging the services of AWS.

Candidates for Beta Exam

This exam is ideal for the professionals in the field of IT who work in roles focused on the database. Although there are no requirements for the AWS credentials, there is the need to pay attention to the recommended experience and knowledge. According to Amazon, the applicants for this certification test should have at least five years of hands-on experience and extensive conceptual knowledge of common database technologies. They also require more than two years of hands-on experience using AWS. Having expertise and experience associated with NoSQL and relational databases situated on-premise and AWS Cloud is also recommended.

Highlights of New AWS Database Specialty Exam

As we mentioned earlier, the individuals taking this test can start registering as soon as registration commences. The exam fee has not been released but the previous beta fees can give a possible estimate. The test formats to be expected during the delivery of the beta version are multiple-response and multiple-choice questions. Those candidates who pass the exam will obtain the Amazon AWS Certified Database – Specialty certificate.

It is essential to mention that the students do not require any associate- or professional-level certification to take part in the beta test. After the exam, you will get your scores within ninety days after its completion. The credential you earn after passing this beta test will be valid for a 3-year period. If the administration of the beta exam goes as planned, the AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification will take pride of place among other AWS certificates by April 2020.

The objectives for the new AWS test are totally new, which means there is nothing to compare them against. However, with time and as the exam gains footing, updates will be made and reviews can be done. For the beta test that will be held on December 2, 2019, the topics that the candidates have to study during their preparation are highlighted as follows:

  • Workload Specific Database Design: 26%;
  • Database Security: 18%;
  • Management & Operations: 18%;
  • Deployment & Migration: 20%;
  • Monitoring & Troubleshooting: 18%.

Registration for New AWS Database Specialty Exam

The first step is to visit the official AWS training page. In case you are new to the platform, you will be required to create an account to be able to access the registration portal. For those who already have one, simply sign in to it with your details. After this step, locate the certification menu and click on it. Then you have to click the ‘Schedule New Exam’ button to schedule your certification test.

When you click this button, you will be redirected to PSI, which is the training vendor on the platform. This is where you will choose a suitable testing center where you will take this new Amazon exam. On this page, locate the new AWS Certified Database – Specialty beta exam option and choose it. Follow the guidelines to complete your registration. As soon as you complete the registration process, you will receive an email notification to confirm that you have done everything right.

Preparation Tips for New AWS Database Specialty Exam

When it comes to preparing for this certification test, it is essential to mention that, of course, there are no past questions or braindumps that can be used because the exam is new. However, there are resources available for your preparation process. The first step to success is a detailed overview of the content and objectives. Read the subtopics of the exam content well and be sure you understand what they cover. It is strongly recommended that you join the official training course for this new AWS test. You can also check out other reputable preparation platforms to access study materials and other training resources.


Taking this beta exam may not be easy, but you should know that you will obtain the certificate if you score well on this test. It is a good opportunity to earn a new and globally recognized IT credential among the first. Use this chance for your own benefit.