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C++ Institute Certification Exam Dumps, C++ Institute Certification Practice Test Questions

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The C++ Institute was built to promote the C/C++ programming languages and is also known as the world’s leading organization that offers renowned certification programs. It enhances the candidate's knowledge about C/C++ programming and also provides support to develop their professional careers in the IT field.

Outline of C++ Institute Certifications

The C++ Institute provides the candidates with the foundation to advanced validations that have been helping them to pursue a career in C/C++ programming-related technologies. Thus, depending on the programming language used, the candidate can choose between two certification paths, each with two levels:

  • С language certification program - Here, you’ll encounter two certifications namely, the C Programming Language Certified Associate (CLA) and the C Certified Professional Programmer (CLP).
  • C++ language certification track - Under such a category, there are also two qualifications, which are the C++ Certified Associate Programmer (CPA) and the C++ Certified Professional Programmer (CPP).

Top C++ Institute Certifications

If you’re pondering over which C++ Institute validation to opt for, find an outline of all the four certificates endorsed by this vendor below:

  • CLA - C Programming Language Certified Associate Designation

    It is an industry-standard certification that helps individuals to perform the tasks related to coding and basics of the C programming language. It also takes care of the C programming fundamentals that the candidate has to learn including the customs, vocabulary, and programming techniques. You have to be diligent and prepare for CLA-11-02 certification exam for getting this CLA certificate. This test, in particular, is 65 minutes long and has the format of multiple-choice and single-choice questions, the total number of which is 55. In addition, you need to pay $295 during registration and get 70% of the answers right to pass the final exam. This way, the candidate should validate their knowledge about the following concepts: writing programs using basic scalar operators and data types, learning the semantics and syntax of C language, and grasping knowledge about data types used by the C language, developer tools, and computer programming. Apart from these, the candidate must understand the memory management, flow control, as well as C preprocessor directives.

  • CLP - C Certified Professional Programmer

    It is the highest-level certification that gives the opportunity to candidates to further verify their skills of using C programming language and expertise in programming techniques. Thus, you will become a CLP accredited individual once you start working with a variable number of parameters, processors, and threads. What is more, during your prep process, you will also get a chance to dig deep into concepts like strings and memory, low-level IO, ints & floats, and network sockets. However, before that, you have to pass the associate-level CLA exam to become eligible for the professional-tier CLP-12-01 test. It contains 55 questions in the form of multiple-choice and single-choice items, for which you are given 65 minutes. Like other C++ Institute certifications, you have to pay $295 for the registration for the official CLP-12-01 exam. Also, to achieve a passing score of 70%, each candidate must be able to work with advanced libraries and tools, identify bottlenecks in addition to bugs in the code, and solve non-trivial problems using algorithms along with data structures.

  • CPA - C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certificate

    It is one of the well-recognized certification programs that test your ability to achieve tasks related to coding, basic programming in the C++ language, and various techniques related to object-oriented programming. However, to get this certification, you have to successfully pass the relevant CPA-21-02 exam that has no formal prerequisite. By and large, it is 65 minutes long and has 40 questions that you have to complete in a limited time. The format of the test is multiple-choice as well as single-choice tasks. At the same time, the candidates have to pay $259 as a registration fee. Note that there’s also the version of CPA-21-01 exam that has the same characteristics as CPA-21-02, apart from the number of items totaling 55, however, this test is retiring now so the best bet for you will be to opt for CPA-21-02. In order to pass the affiliated evaluation and achieve this CPA certificate, the candidate should have knowledge about implementing the C++ language, typical problem resolution with the help of this language, basic concepts of computer programming, and semantics of the C++ language. Moreover, the applicants who achieve the CPA certification become familiar with the fundamental notions and tools used in the programming.

  • CPP - C++ Certified Professional Programmer

    The C++ Certified Professional Programmer certification is a gateway for the candidates to prepare for the coding tasks that need to be performed in professional environments. In other words, your ability to accomplish the advanced C++ topics knowledge and coding tasks, as well as standard template libraries, will be tested during the certification process. To achieve this professional certificate, the candidates have to pass CPP-22-02 exam that consists of 40 single-choice and multiple-choice questions that you need to complete within 65 minutes. Before that, the candidates have to pay $295 for the registration for the final test, which will require you to gain a passing score of 70%. All in all, the candidates need to have skills and knowledge about the various concepts including solving common programming issues using STL predefined methods and classes, making templates functions alongside classes, and utilizing property methods & templates consisting of third-party templates as well as understanding template functions and the C++ template mechanism. But note, individuals applying for this certification need to get the CPA certificate first.

Career Opportunities & Salaries for C++ Institute Certifications

So, after achieving the C++ Institute certificates, you can excel in the C/C++ programming field. Moreover, the compensation for these certifications is promising as they prepare the candidates to perform the related tasks professionally. What is more, thanks to the training programs developed by the vendor, the applicants can become skilled in no time and as a result, can target the big companies for doing full-time jobs. As for the annual income, Payscale.com renders that the yearly salary for the skill in the C programming language will bring you almost $91k per year while C++ Software Engineers, for example, can earn around $88k annually on average and this figure can reach the benchmark of $123k if you develop in the field by attaining the relevant certificates and gain some years of work experience.

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