7 Programming Languages For Developers In 2018

With the current massive adoption of technology in nearly every other industry around the world, there has been a growing demand for individuals who have a firm understanding of prominent coding languages. Companies are continually working on bespoke applications for their employees, clients and different stakeholders therein. It has proven to not only increase their competitiveness but also keep their overheads at an all-time low, thereby making the enterprises more profitable. However, it is noted that not all programming languages are equal. This article will highlight the seven most prominent and marketable languages that are in demand in 2018 that’s why it’s a reason for you to learn one or several of them up to your taste and career goals.

1. Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages of the 21st century. It is used widely in app development and has even been regarded by some as the industry standard for mobile application development. It might have been created back in 1991, but it has withstood the test of time and has also proved itself to be very efficient and practical in various areas of application. It is currently ranked as one of the most favored and versatile programming languages to write in. Additionally, it adds to one’s competitiveness in the job market significantly.

2. Python

This is a programming language prominently used in scientific computing, machine learning, and data mining. Machine learning has been growing in demand over the past few years, and it could be argued that the demand is highest in 2018 than ever before. Python has proven to be a highly dependable programming language known for its high readability as well as a simple syntax. All these are aspects that make the language easy to learn. It was created back in 1989 and released in 1994, and over the years, it has proven itself many times over, making it one of the most sought-after programming languages of 2018.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is not to be confused with Java. It has some aspects of Java, but also merges it with C and C++. They are two different programming languages. This specific programming language is currently used by over 80% of developers and over 95% of all websites currently online. This could be attributed to the program’s versatility, its practicality, and overall efficiency. It has grown further in prominence owing to its extensive usage in mobile devices, an aspect which foreshadows the further distinction of the language and makes it one of the most sought-after programming languages in 2018.

4. C++

C++ is still on demand in 2018 as it was in late 2016 and early 2017. It is used in the development of application software, client-server applications, game development as well as the development of embedded firmware. Most large enterprises prefer the use of this language over alternatives such as JavaScript and Python as it has proven to be efficient in the development of legacy systems. As such, knowing this language can make one very competitive in the job market, and he or she is bound to earn a decent salary from the same.

5. C#

C# is a relatively new programming language compared to the ones discussed above. It is also slightly in less demand compared to the others. However, that does not mean that it is not viable in 2018. It is an object-oriented language, a product of Microsoft which was explicitly designed to run on the company’s .NET platform. It is widely used in video game development and given the current growth in this industry; it is safe to argue that a person with a firm understanding of the C# programming language stands a better chance of earning more and landing a job faster than a person who does not understand it that much.

6. PHP

This is a programming language mostly used in web development. It is often leveraged by developers as a scripting language which is useful in adding functions which basic HTML cannot handle. It is also valuable for creating tasks which allow for interaction with MySQL databases. This is an open source language, hence its popularity. Also, given that it is open source, companies can leverage its versatility and achieve even more significant objectives from the same as time progresses. It is a relatively easy language to learn and having a firm understanding of the same would give one competitive advantage in the job market in 2018.

7. Perl

Perl might not be as popular a programming language as Java, C++ or HTML, but that does not mean that it is not as marketable in 2018 as it’s more popular counterparts. Perl is currently the most popular language for network and system administrators. It might not be the easiest of languages to learn, but it’s efficiency and practicality in the market cannot be ignored. Knowing this language guarantees one of decent earnings in the job market, and one can also be assured of being more competitive, meaning that he or she would land a job faster than an individual who is not familiar with the language.

To sum up, technology is evolving, and the market demands are also morphing as well. The programming languages discussed above might be popular now, but they were not as popular a couple of years back, and two years from now, they might be replaced with a more practical alternative. As such, it is crucial for one to keep up with the trends and continue familiarizing him or herself with the languages currently at their disposal. It is only by doing so that one can maintain his or her competitiveness in the job market and secure some decent earnings at the end of it all.