Greet Cisco DevNet – The Main Novelty of 2020!

In the past few years, DevOps and programming have become an important part of the IT world, and there are a lot of reasons for this. If you are thinking about getting a role in software development, automation, or DevOps, you need to make sure that you validate your skills and knowledge. There are many ways you can do this, but if you want your efforts to mean something, it is probably best to go for some kind of certification.

If you go on the Internet right now and search for the DevOps certificates, you will see many results. However, not all of these credentials are going to be right for you. When you are choosing any kind of it, you should first make sure that you are choosing the right certification vendor. When it comes to the DevOps certificates, one of the best companies you can trust is Cisco.

Cisco knows how important the availability of credentials is, and that is why it is launching the DevNet certification program. It won’t go live until February 2020, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t start preparing for it right away. These particular certificates are designed to meet industry demands and standards. So if you really want to find your place in the IT sector, you should think about this program and the opportunities that it offers.

Some Initial Information

If you are trying to validate your skills in areas, such as network operations, security, Cisco APIs, and Cisco programming strategy, then you will need the DevNet certifications. This program is the first that Cisco has introduced in this area, and it is intended for the automation specialists, DevOps engineers, and software developers. If you earn any DevNet credential, it will mean that you are skilled in the following domains: Webex, IoT, and DevOps. The Cisco DevNet track is going to follow the same path as all other Cisco certifications, here it is:

– DevNet Associate;

– DevNet Specialist;

– DevNet Professional.

The fact that Cisco introduces these certifications shows us that the company is noticing some changes in the IT industry and wants to adapt to them. The vendor also listens carefully to its community to make sure that it is able to fulfill their demands.

DevNet Associate Certification

Just like many other Cisco certificates, the DevNet track also starts at the first and easy level that is known as Cisco Certified DevNet Associate. The way you earn this credential is very similar to CCNA because you just need to pass just one test. The exam code is 200-901 DEVASC, and it is going to cover a lot of topics to make sure that you are worthy of this certification. Some of the main objectives that you need to know are as follows:

– Network Fundamentals;

– Infrastructure and Automation;

– Application Deployment and Security;

– Cisco Platforms and Developments;

– Understanding and Using APIs;

– Software Development and Design.

There are no official prerequisites for this certification exam, but it is recommended that you have at least one year of experience in Python programming. If you want to pass the test, it is very important to start preparing for it early on. DevNet Associate is going to be valid for three years.

DevNet Specialist Certification

The next certification track is Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist, and when you get to this stage, you will have to start focusing on your area of specialization. There are a lot of specialization options that you can select when you are planning to earn this credential. Some of the main ones are as follows:

– Webex;

– IoT;

– DevOps;

– Core;

– Collaboration Automation and Programmability;

– Service Provider Automation and Programmability;

– Security Automation and Programmability;

– Data Center Automation and Programmability;

– Enterprise Automation and Programmability.

To earn this Cisco certificate, you only need to take one exam. There are no particular prerequisites for it.

DevNet Professional Certification

The highest certification level that you can get in this area is Cisco Certified DevNet Professional. If you are trying to earn this certificate, you will need to make sure that you pass two exams. If you fail even one of them, you will not obtain your credential. Similar to CCNP, you will have to take one core and one concentration test. For the first one, you will be evaluated on your knowledge pertaining to software development and design. Also, you will be measured in these areas using application deployment, APIs, Cisco platforms, and more.

DevNet Expert Certification

As you noticed, earlier we have talked about only three levels. But you also need to know that there is one more – the Expert certification track. So, the question arises, whether we will get the opportunity to strive for this credential or not. Well, at the moment we are sure of one thing: we won’t get this certification at launch. However, it is expected that the students will see it sometime in the future. That is why we recommend that you check all the information on the Cisco website for any possible changes that may occur in the future.


These were some of the main things that you need to know about the Cisco DevNet certification program. The industry is changing, and Cisco understands this. That is why the company offers new certificates in 2020. If you are new to the IT sector and want to justify your place, then it is recommended that you earn any credential of this vendor. Being certified means that the organizations will see you as a valuable asset and they will give you a better job and a more suitable position. Moreover, it will provide you with a ton of advantages for the future of your career.