Top 7 Java Blogs to Improve Your Coding Skills

Programming isn’t an easy task. It’s a quickly and continuously evolving field. Many essential aspects are necessary for a programmer, irrespective of the language. So, there’s more into programming than simply applying functionality through typing multiple code lines. The programmers must take care of many things to solve various solutions and stay relevant. Apart from having vast programming skills and knowledge of the related technology, these specialists must stay updated with emerging trends regarding the programming languages.

The field of programming presents new opportunities every day. The leaders of various crafts strive to keep other people updated through modes, such as newsletters, websites, or blogs. Since the world is moving towards the era where the individuals are always connected, you need to make sure you are updated. This will help you succeed in your field. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best Java blogs you must follow to help improve your coding skills. Are you ready? Let’s dive into them right now!

Java Blogs to Follow in 2020

Many sources expedite Java learning. Nevertheless, most of them don’t meet the required objectives. For this reason, picking the best Java blog from the hundreds available is hard. Well, don’t despair since we’re here to help you find the best sources that meet your needs.

  1. Adam Bien’s Weblog

This blog is used by many learners, Java specialists, and Java fans from all over the world. You’ll get everything linked to Java EE and Java FX on this dedicated site together with other essential Java details. The majority of his blog posts have videos that streamline the learning process. Also, many eBooks are accessible at the website resources. Adam Bien adds cooperative web occasions and workspaces on his blog. This offers a better way to learn and improve your skills in Java.

  1. Baeldung

This is another excellent webpage for the Java programmers. This dedicated Java website is an excellent option for those who are seeking the latest news about Java, hints, or even updates. Apart from offering the Java articles from different experts and professionals, the site provides its readers with the essential training courses. It focuses on HttpClient information, Java, Jackson, REST APIs, and Persistence. Hundreds of high-quality blog posts are uploaded to the platform every day. Besides the guides and tutorials for Java, there are multiple comprehensive tutorials about Spring framework.

  1. JavaWorld

This is among the most popular web resources that help the Java developers remain updated about the language for programming and other related technologies. JavaWorld provides crucial information on Java Q&A, programming career, and open source Java projects. It’s a perfect site for the beginners to start with. There are Java 101 blogs created for those individuals who are new to the Java programming language. The topics covered include packages, syntax, and APIs. The experienced professionals will get frequent updates on changes made and extensive details on different Java tools. This helps them to remain at the top. JavaWorld is a perfect site to learn about the ideas and viewpoints of various leaders in the industry.

  1. Java Revisited

This is a top blog created by a Java expert with many years of experience in the industry. This expert’s name is Javin Paul. The blog provides different step-by-step and how-to Java guides. So, it’s a reliable learning alternative for the new learners and experienced Java programmers. The webpage offers study resources on Java, such as programming basics, design patterns, APIs, frameworks, and architectural styles. You’ll also find the relevant Java credentials, links to study guides, and online courses, includingUdemy, Pluralsight, and Whizlabs. It also includes interview questions among other things. For all the topics, the blog offers extensive content that includes explanations, samples, and FAQs.

  1. jOOQ

This is another great Java blog that focuses on jOOQ, SQL, and Java. The enormous stockpile of details on this website comprises of step-by-step guides and how-to articles. Due to this versatility, you’ll always get something to learn about programming at any skill level. The frequency at which the articles are posted on the site is rare. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a problem since there are many posts you can start with. There is a sidebar to let the users navigate through various categories such as programming languages and SQL tips & tricks.

  1. Thoughts on Java

Run by Thorben Janssen, Thoughts on Java is one of the best blogs for the veterans, learners, or any Java enthusiast. Thorben is a Java expert with more than a decade of experience in this industry. Two new articles are updated on the website every week. These posts cover all aspects of Java, including news and in-depth guides related to this language. Apart from blog articles, you can also get access to different online courses, YouTube videos, and workshops. Furthermore, Thorben offers the open-classroom and on-site training. Once you sign up for this blog, you’ll get the cheat sheet, eBooks, and hibernate tips.

  1. Vlad Mihalcea

Vlad Mihalcea is a well-known Java expert skilled in the area. He is a devoted blogger who mentors an audience of more than 75,000 visitors every month. With a wide range of articles accessible on this site, you’ll always get something to learn about at every level. The latest posts are hibernate-focused. Apart from this blog, Vlad Mihalcea has authored a book called ‘High-Performance Java Persistence’. The study guide comes with discussions about connection management, batch updates, Java data access and its framework, and fetch sizes. In fact, every Java developer must visit this blog. Apart from the new articles posted each week, it has on-site training, video courses, and tutorials.


This is an outline of popular online sources for the Java aspirants. The individuals who are new to Java together with the seasoned developers can make use of them. Remember, you have the freedom to pick your preferred blog that you believe will meet your needs. Choose the one that’s appropriate to your level of experience and knowledge of the Java programming language. Each of these top blogs has been designed to help you find your way around coding with Java. Ensure to utilize them to the maximum!