Why CISSP Certification Is So Popular?

Cyber security is of greater consideration in modern high tech world owing to the constant upturn in cyber threats, phishing attempts, in-house security breaches and other types of hacking. Though, the number of credentialed security specialist is actually decreasing, instead of increasing. That indicates demand for these professionals is all-time higher and will only continue to rise as the gap between demand and supply escalates. The initial step in achieving one of these desired positions is learning systematically how to become a successful certified information systems security professional commonly called as CISSP.

Certainly, successfully accomplishing a CISSP certification validates that you are a cyber-security frontrunner and that your skills and knowledge in key areas are fully updated. It illustrates that you have a deep understanding and knowledge of not only existing security threats, but emergent ones, along with tactics to get rid of those threats from affecting a business organization. In accordance with (ISC) 2, it is a vendor neutral certificate for those candidates with proven deep managerial and technical skills, competence, credibility and experience to design, implement, manage and engineer their information security program to look after organizations from increasing sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Levels of CISSP Certification – Take Entry-Level Path to Cyber-Security Certification Level

You wish to prove yourself in front of your employers but you don’t have sufficient experience to earn a cyber-security certificate yet. Associate of (ISC) 2 is a substitute of standard certification courses. It isn’t an entry-level cyber-security certificate in customary sense. You don’t require several years of working experience in order to take these CISSP exams. Associate of (ISC) 2 is basically a designation and it certifies your understanding of cyber-security straightaway. You can take a cyber-security certification exam without any work experience. In case you pass, you merely work getting and updating skills required for your job. In order to earn associate of (ISC) 2 title, you have to:

  • Pass a complex (ISC) 2 exam, substantiating your cyber-security knowledge.
  • Pay all the dues to become an (ISC) 2 member.
  • Meet ongoing professional qualification (CPE) requirements.
  • Get work experience required to become a CISSP certified or one of other cyber-security certification exams.

For whom CISSP certification designed?

CISSP is specifically designed for experienced security pros. At least 5 years of experience in minimum two of (ISC) 2’s CBK domains, or 4 years of expertise in minimum two of (ISC) 2’s Common Bodies of Knowledge (CBK) domains with a college degree or approved credential, is needed for this certification exam. These CBK domains are Risk and Security Management, Security Engineering, Asset Security, Network Security and Communications, Access and Identity Management, Security Operations, Software Development Security plus Security Assessment & Testing.

Which exams to pass?

Your initial step is to look into the future. Classify which certifications you need to achieve based upon your career objectives. Your ultimate options include:

  • Cloud Security (CCSP)
  • IT Administration (SSCP)
  • Leadership & Operations (CISSP)
  • Software Security (CSSLP)
  • Healthcare Security & Privacy (HCISPP)
  • Authorization (CAP)

In order to become an (ISC) 2 associate, you should pass one of the exams above.

Experience to have CISSP certification

Get 5 Years of Security Work Experience:  You should be capable of showing proof of 5 paid years of working experience in minimum two of eight CISSP CBK domains, which are Risk Management, Security Management, Security Engineering, Asset Security, Network and Communications Security, Access Management, Identity Management, Security Testing, Software Development Security as well as security operations. On job experience is essential for both the certification and exam process.

Prepare & Pass out CISSP Exam: Complete CISSP certification exam with a minimum 700/1,000 score. The exam covers a combination of advanced innovative along with multiple-choice questions and is six hours long. It costs $700. The CISSP Cert webpage offers a link to Study App and a download of exam outline. You can also get official book and test your abilities with CISSP Flash Cards.

Get Certified to Become A CISSP Professional: After you complete CISSP certification, you’ll need to subscribe for (ISC) 2 Code of Ethics plus complete an authorization form to become a CISSP certified. This authorization form should be signed by an (ISC) 2 certified expert who is capable of verifying your professional working experience. You need to submit completed form within 9 months period of completing your certification in order to become fully certified, as passing out exam doesn’t inevitably grant you certificate status.

Career Prospects for CISSP Certified Professionals

As a novice level consultant or analyst, whenever you work in an Information Security or IT role, you commonly have a sharp learning curve in tech infrastructure security, IT procedures and policies, and associated security fundamentals. You are possibly at that step in your career where you are planning to move into cyber security and discovering best path to fruitfully accomplish this objective.

Most common job designations for CISSP certification holders involve the following, in decreasing order of cohesion:

  • Security systems administrator
  • Chief information security officer
  • IT security engineer
  • Information assurance analyst
  • Senior information security assurance consultant
  • Information security assurance analyst
  • Chief information security consultant
  • Senior IT security consultant

Is it possible to become a CISSP Certified if you are a beginner?

Those who are not qualified for CISSP exams, (ISC) 2 gives two choices. The Associate of CISSP authorizes candidates to take CISSP certification even though they do not have required years of expertise or an academic degree. Candidates who pass out this exam with flying colors and gain necessary experience afterward send required credentials to (ISC) 2 and are endowed with CISSP certificate. Unluckily, the water downs gold standard that CISSP certificate is believed to hold.

The demand for exceptional IT pros is rising and illustrates zero signs of slowing down. With a rise in threats across the world, organizations in all industries require professional help only a CISSP certification holder can provide. Earning your CISSP certification is the first step toward boarding on a lucrative and rewarding career in just about any business you possibly need. So for what you are waiting for? Go and get certified with CISSP to boost your IT career with flying colors.