Microsoft Word: 5 Free Alternatives to Save Your Money

There are many people who are devoted to Microsoft Word. On the same note, there are also a big number of individuals who don’t like this software. From overly complicated features to redesigns that hide easy-to-use menu items, there is a lot to be sought-after in a simple word processor, which MS Word does not deliver because of its complex nature. Besides, it is expensive. It offers many features that you might not need. In such a case, it can be very difficult to substantiate paying this price. This is especially true in the case of a small business environment where all you need is just a simple word processor. There is absolutely no need to pay for something you will not use. Fortunately, there are incredible alternatives that you can download and use for free. Here is a list of five free Microsoft Word substitutes that you can utilize instead.

  1. Apache OpenOffice Writer

Apache OpenOffice Writer is absolutely the 2003 throwback that you want if you don’t like Microsoft Word due to the invention of the ribbon. Even though it can appear a bit cluttered, it has a wonderful interface that mimics all the menus, which Microsoft tossed out when the company released Office 2007. When you use this alternative, it feels more or less the same as Office 2003. The good news is that there is an added perk that is still receiving security patches and updates. This is very important, especially for the business software suite.

While Apache OpenOffice Writer has its own document format, it also supports .docx and .doc files and does well when it comes to maintaining formatting, especially when you are importing such types of files. This program includes many advanced features that you will find in Microsoft Word. Therefore, there will be no problem when editing a complex Word document. If the selling point is native Cloud support or online collaboration, then you definitely need to skip this software because it does not include any of these. You can store your files on the Cloud drive and easily access all of them by using OpenOffice Writer. However, you will need the desktop of Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive installed to be able to open your Cloud storage just like a local computer folder.

  1. Google Docs

Google Docs is free to anyone who has a Google account, and it is one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Word. If all you want are the basic features of MS Word, then this program has you covered as it will easily do all your key processing needs. The good thing is that it is integrated not only with Google Drive but also with other products.

There is no need to worry about losing your work because everything is saved safely in Google Cloud. In fact, .doc autosaves work after every single keystone. This means that in case of a crash, you will still be able to start from where you left off. You should not have issues with editing and importing .docx and .doc formats because Google Docs supports these files. Real-time collaboration is among the best features of this tool for the business users. If you share any document or file with another Google user, you will be able to be on the same document at the same time, chat with each other, watch what they are typing, and see the cursor position of each individual.

  1. Microsoft Office Word Online

Microsoft Word Online is a free alternative to the main paid version. It is a Cloud-based and simplified version of MS Word. Even though it doesn’t have many advanced features of the locally-installed paid version, it is a great substitute for anyone who is looking for a free variant of Word.

The similarities between Microsoft Word Online and Google Docs are present throughout up to the interface. However, there are some tweaks that make it feel more or less the same as the Microsoft ribbon instead of the drop-down menus that the users of Google Docs are used to. The documents that have been created in Microsoft Word Online are typically saved in Microsoft OneDrive. What’s more, there are also real-time collaboration features such as those found in Google Docs.

  1. WPS Office Writer

WPS Office Writer is a great word processor that is packed with great features just like Microsoft Word, and they are free without having to pay a premium. This program is an excellent free alternative because it does most of the things the same way as MS Word. It also includes native Cloud support, and this makes it easy and quick to store documents online. Its only downside is that WPS Office Writer doesn’t have real-time collaboration.

If you read any review related to WPS Office Writer, you will find many statements that confirm how much it is like Microsoft Word. Compared to other free suites such as OpenOffice, this tool could be the best alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on MS Word.

  1. LibreOffice Writer

Just like OpenOffice, LibreOffice Writer is an open-source and completely free product offering word processing and support for .docx and .doc file formats as well as all the tools that an average Microsoft Word user usually needs in a word processor. It is similar to OpenOffice Writer in many ways, including an interface style, general word processing features, the lack of real-time collaboration and integration, and the mentioned file format support. It is a great option for anyone who are looking for a great free alternative to expensive MS Word.

The community-driven nature of LibreOffice Writer is one of its distinguished aspects. Collaboration with the developers and users to improve the product is the focus of attention on the official website of this software. This focus has led this tool to become a rapidly growing user community.


These were the top 5 alternatives to Microsoft Word that you can use for free. If you don’t need this popular software, consider choosing the one that you like from the list above.