Top 5 Security Skills You Should Have as a Сloud App Developer

The experienced Сloud application developers have continued to be in high demand in the field of IT. However, there are specific skills and expertise in server and Сloud security that are required to build secure apps that the specialists need. If you don’t have the years of experience to decorate your resume, you can take up these top skills and get certified to increase your potential in the job market.

In today’s IT world, Сloud offers an enterprise-grade infrastructure that is within the grasp of all application developers. When you think of high-quality databases, tooling, and frameworks, all these are readily available for free, which makes it more seamless than ever to develop powerful and custom-made apps. It is essential to mention that there is a difference between building and securing an application. Therefore, it is critical for the developers to have an in-depth understanding of potential security issues for their apps and how to mitigate them. In this blog post, we will explore the top five security skills that any Сloud app developer requires to build in order to be able to work with highly secure Сloud-based applications. Let’s get right into them.

1. Information security management

It is very important for the app developers to have a strong understanding of information security management. The specialists should be aware of potential cybersecurity issues and the ways of how to mitigate them. Over and beyond developing the skills, you need to prove to your employer that you can use them properly. The best way to prove this is to earn an information security certification. It not only equips you with the required skills and knowledge but also reassures that the potential organizations will be willing to hire you, because they will be expecting from you a good understanding of the possible information risks and the mitigation tools needed for the tasks.

There are quite a number of certifications that validate your expertise in Сloud architecture, encryption, compliance, and governance. The Certificate of Сloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) is one of those. The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential also validates your knowledge in different aspects of identity management and information management. With the certifications such as these, you prove to your company that you have the capability to implement security goals of the business.

  1. Сloud identity management and authentication

One of the highest priorities for Сloud platforms is security. With the utmost level of it, the infrastructure layer, which refers to underlying virtualization software and physical hardware, is not likely to pose any problem. As a matter of fact, an Сloud infrastructure has not recorded any major data leak. However, it is possible for the authentication layer to become a weak point, especially if it is not understood and managed properly. There are different problems that can be associated with authentication, which include poorly chosen passwords, misconfigured security permission, private keys uploaded, and version control platforms. Interestingly, most of the breaches recorded are caused by authentication-related issues. It is very critical that the developers understand the security model of the Сloud platform as well as related risks. One of the marketable skills that the specialists can gain in this regard is IAM (Identity and Access Management), especially if the focus is on the Сloud identity management system.

  1. Data configuration

In recent years, the majority of the worst data thefts have been recorded in insecure databases running on the Сloud service. Most popular databases, specifically Memcached key-value store and MongoDB, are insecure by default. Unfortunately, if the inexperienced developers implement them without the required security configuration, they give practically anyone with the Internet connection access to sensitive data. For the professionals working with a database, it is essential to understand its default configuration it and the ways of how it can be secured for production use. There are other critical database skills that the Сloud app developers can gain. These include SQL & NoSQL databases, specifically Сloud databases such as Firebase from the stable of Google.

  1. Extensive knowledge of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Apart from exceptional web security guides, OWASP also publishes a yearly list of some of the most fundamental security threats to the field of web applications. For instance, in 2017 security threats, there are various items on the list that include incorrect security settings, inadequate logging, injection attacks, and cross-site scripting. It is very critical for any Сloud application developer to grow a strong understanding of the risks, mechanisms of their activities, and the processes involved in building apps that are not vulnerable in web frameworks and their chosen programming languages.

  1. Fundamental system administration skills

Basically, the system administration and application development professionals have different roles and different skill sets. No doubt, the majority of developers and software engineers have some level of system administration experience. Although this is a great thing, it may just be the level of experience that can get them into a crisis. The reason for this is simple. An insure server and insufficient firewall configuration, out-of-date software, or poorly configured services can be the liability that will get them into trouble. As a developer, if you are required to manage a Сloud server in your organization, you should develop competence in the latest best practices for server administration and the operating system.


From startups and all the way to Fortune 500 businesses, the organizations are on the lookout for the software developers who can help them build Сloud-based applications. To be able to take advantage of the huge opportunities available in this field, you need to develop skills and competence. These skills are not only for your own good but also for the good of the company you work with. In recent times, the lack of expertise in Сloud security is responsible for the series of high profile data breaches. If you develop the right mix of cybersecurity and Сloud computing skills as an app developer, you will definitely enjoy rewards as the field continues to expand.