Top 8 Cloud Certifications to Have on Your Resume for Your Career Development in 2020

Cloud computing is a major investment area for the IT professionals worldwide. The organizations need an infusion of the best and relevant Cloud skills to match the high monetary investments in Cloud environments and platforms. The relevant certifications are what validate the skills that the IT decision makers and employers so desperately need. Having a Cloud credential on your resume can make a very huge difference in your career. These badges will make your CV very attractive during any hiring process. Moreover, they can also result in very large paydays. In fact, 3 out of the 5 highest paying certificates are actually associated with Cloud computing.

If you are not sure what certifications to get this year for your career growth and high paychecks, then you should continue reading this post. Here we will highlight the top Cloud credentials that are currently in high demand. Let’s check them out!

1. Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

Amazon Web Services is among the most well-known Cloud platforms today. So, if you earn a badge in this sector, you can get a job role almost anywhere. This certification is designed to show you how to effectively design scalable apps on AWS. It specifically teaches the individuals how to implement encryption, properly secure infrastructure from the DDoS attacks, move large amounts of data, and manage multiple accounts. This credential is for you if you are a networking specialist with a couple of years of experience in building and implementing a Cloud environment on AWS.

2. Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

In 2019, it was the most obtained and pursued Cloud certificate by the IT professionals. At least 2 out of every 3 self-identified Cloud specialists are holding this certification. It is ideal for those individuals who want to design Cloud infrastructures as well as reference infrastructures or deploy applications and systems but don’t have the required knowledge to pursue the Professional level. Those candidates who hold this badge in North America earn an average salary of about $130,883 per year.

3. CompTIA Cloud+

It is an ideal introductory Cloud certificate for anyone who is not yet ready for the advanced levels. It is aimed at the individuals with 2 or 3 years of experience working in system administration. In case you want to learn and gain more knowledge regarding data center management as well as infrastructure, then this credential can be a great guide for you to optimize such services. In addition, CompTIA Cloud+ is among the few available vendor-neutral certifications that are not restricted to a single function such as security and networking.

4. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

Microsoft has unveiled its new lineup of the IT certifications, which align with sought-after job roles directly to replace the MCSA: Cloud Platform credential, which has been retired. This certificate is ideal for the Azure administrators who are tasked with managing Cloud services that include storage, Cloud capabilities, networking, and security. It confirms one’s skills and ability to manage Azure storage, virtual networks, application services, identities, and virtual machines. It acts as a prerequisite for pursuing the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification, which is at a more advanced level.

5. Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect

It is among the highest paying and sought-after Cloud credentials today. This is an advanced certificate that focuses mainly on the skills needed to accomplish the Cloud architect role in any Google Cloud Platform environment. This badge is created to teach you how to design, secure, provide, and manage Cloud solution architecture. It is aimed at the experienced Cloud professionals, system administrators, system developers, and enterprise architects who want to confirm their proficiency with the Google Cloud Platform.

6. (ISC)2 CCSP

It is among the top certifications for Cloud computing. It validates the candidates’ strong Cloud security expertise and hands-on experience with security architecture, service orchestration, operations, and design. Please note that this credential is not platform-specific. For this reason, the holders of this badge can apply their skills in any Cloud environment. To take the CCSP exam, you must have 5 years of experience in the IT sector with three or more information security domains.

7. Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

It is one of the most sought-after Cloud certifications you can add to your resume. The credential is designed to equip you with advanced skills related to its branded platform. You can gain knowledge of how to decode the business requirements into secure and scalable Cloud solutions. It is a role-specific certificate that is meant to help an individual become a Cloud architect. This badge validates one’s skills in security, infrastructure, Cloud solution design, architecture, Cloud development, data authentication, and app deployment.

8. Amazon AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

It is not only a sought-after Cloud credential but also a high paying one that you can get in 2020. Obtaining it confirms your technical skills in operations, deployment, and management on the AWS platform. Generally, it is popular among the operations managers, system administrators, and those specialists who support operations on AWS and want to demonstrate their expertise.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of certificates to consider if you want to devote your life to this field. If you are in the Cloud industry, then you should earn at least one of the certifications discussed above. These credentials will help you expand your career opportunities in a great way in 2020, so choose one or two that you like and go for it/them.