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HESI A2 Practice Test

HESI A2 Certification Facts

100% Latest HESI A2 exam dumps & updated practice test questions to study and pass HESI A2 exam fast and easily! Updated & Latest HESI A2 practice exam questions & braindumps uploaded by the real users and reviewed by experts for easy studying and passing.

Ever heard of HESI Exam? If you are a nursing professional in the USA, then you might have come across the respectable company named HESI or short for Health Education Systems Incorporated. This entity is known to be offering a diverse selection of exams and review products that aid student nurses to achieve their professional goals. In 2006, Elsevier, a global publishing company in the medical, scientific and technical field, acquired HESI to expand its horizon and provide better service.
Accordingly, HESI is widely recognized for its HESI Exam or sometimes tagged as the HESI Admission Assessment Exam HESI A2, and Evolve Reach A2. The HEXI Exam is not just used by universities or college nursing schools as an entrance criterion but also as preparation for a more difficult test like the NCLEX-RN.

HESI Exam Details

Though the number of exam sections may vary per school, normally the HESI Exam consists of 301 questions, which are divided into 8 different sections. The topics include Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Math, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Physics, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Chemistry. Aside from the major sections, test writers may often add a category that checks one’s personality as well as learning style.
The computerized exam must be completed within 4 hours. Good thing is that the individual sections are not timed so that you can go back and run through your entire answers. Featuring a scoring scale from 750 to 900, with 900 as the best score possible, there isn’t really a pass or fail grade. Well, technically, you aim to get a high score, but the result will really depend on every school. So, always check the school requirements prior to taking the exam. Often, the test results can be acquired from the proctor.

HESI Exam References

Remember that doing well in the HESI Exam will help you establish a good career in the medical field. Do not underestimate the exam because it’s a stepping stone for your calling. Plus, the test itself is not a piece of cake; it’s tricky and extensive that covers a lot of academic topics. That is why you need to create a study guide even before delving into the exam. Read and comprehend all the key concepts and be sure to cover all the sections. One of the best ways to validate your understanding is to take practice tests. Practice tests, just like study guides, give you a comprehensive advantage. These will help you get a glimpse of the real exam so that you can identify which aspects need to be improved. Further, HESI, through Elsevier, provides different tools and data that you might find useful for your exam preparation.

Now, unto the scheduled day of the exam, relax and smile. As much as possible, avoid cramming. Remember, HESI Exam is a good starting point for your goals in life. So, break a leg and answer all the questions properly.

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