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Cisco 300-910  Premium File

300-910 Premium File

  • Premium File: 114 Questions & Answers. Last update: Jul 15, 2024
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300-910 Premium File

Cisco 300-910  Premium File
  • Premium File: 114 Questions & Answers. Last update: Jul 15, 2024
  • Latest Questions
  • 100% Accurate Answers
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Cisco 300-910 Practice Test Questions, Cisco 300-910 Exam Dumps

With Examsnap's complete exam preparation package covering the Cisco 300-910 Practice Test Questions and answers, study guide, and video training course are included in the premium bundle. Cisco 300-910 Exam Dumps and Practice Test Questions come in the VCE format to provide you with an exam testing environment and boosts your confidence Read More.

The Comprehensive Overview of the Cisco 300-910 DEVOPS Certification Exam


The Cisco 300-910 DEVOPS exam, focusing on "Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms," represents a critical component in the landscape of Cisco certification exams. This test is specifically tailored for professionals who aspire to deepen their understanding and expertise in DevOps practices, particularly in relation to Cisco platforms. It evaluates the candidate's proficiency in deployment automation, encompassing automated configuration, management, and scalability of cloud microservices and infrastructure processes.

Exam Overview

The 300-910 DEVOPS exam is an integral part of the Cisco certification program. It is designed to assess a candidate's knowledge and skills in implementing DevOps solutions that are essential for the efficient management and operation of Cisco-based environments. This exam is a gateway to understanding the intricate processes of deploying, managing, and scaling applications and services in a Cisco ecosystem.


This Cisco exam is ideal for individuals who are involved in DevOps roles, system administrators, network engineers, and software developers working with Cisco platforms. Candidates should have a good understanding of Cisco's technologies and an interest in expanding their expertise in DevOps practices, including continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), cloud services, and automation tools.

Exam Details

The Cisco 300-910 DEVOPS exam, conducted in English and lasting 90 minutes, is priced at $300 USD plus tax. It rigorously evaluates a candidate's expertise in DevOps practices, with a specific focus on Cisco platforms. The exam's structure and content are meticulously designed to reflect the latest technological advancements in Cisco's products and services, ensuring candidates are tested on the most current and relevant aspects of DevOps in the Cisco ecosystem.

Brief Overview of Key Topics Covered

The 300-910 exam encompasses topics such as:

- CI/CD Pipeline (20%): This section tests knowledge in building and managing CI/CD workflows, crucial for DevOps automation.

- Packaging and Delivery of Applications (15%): Focuses on the methodologies and tools for effective application packaging and delivery.

- Automating Infrastructure (20%): Examines skills in automating infrastructure, essential for efficient resource management.

- Cloud and Multicloud (15%): Addresses the deployment and management of applications across cloud platforms.

- Logging, Monitoring, and Metrics (20%): Tests understanding in implementing monitoring solutions for performance tracking.

- Security (10%): Covers security practices within the DevOps context.

It's important to note that these topics are periodically updated to reflect the latest technologies aligned with Cisco's offerings.

Certifications Attained

Passing the 300-910 exam grants the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist - DevOps certification instantly. Furthermore, when combined with a successful outcome in the 350-901 DEVCOR exam, it leads to the attainment of the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification.

Regarding the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – DevOps certification, it acknowledges specialized expertise in DevOps practices specifically in Cisco environments. As for the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional credential, it validates a professional's ability to develop and maintain applications on Cisco platforms.

Benefits of Passing the 300-910 Exam

Passing the 300-910 exam offers numerous advantages:

- Recognition of Expertise: Earning the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification demonstrates a high level of skill and knowledge in Cisco DevOps solutions.

- Career Advancement: It opens up opportunities for higher-level positions in network and system administration, and DevOps engineering.

- Enhanced Skillset: It ensures professionals are up-to-date with the latest DevOps practices and technologies.

- Networking Opportunities: Being a part of the Cisco certified community allows for greater networking and learning opportunities.


The Cisco 300-910 DEVOPS exam is a key milestone for professionals aiming to master DevOps practices on Cisco platforms. Successfully passing this exam awards the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – DevOps certification. Furthermore, when combined with the successful completion of the 350-901 DEVCOR exam, it contributes towards the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional credential. Achieving these prestigious certifications not only validates a professional's expertise in the field but also unlocks advanced career opportunities. The skills and knowledge certified by the 300-901 exam makes the recipients highly capable in managing and implementing effective DevOps solutions. As the IT landscape continues to evolve, the significance of this assessment and its associated certifications remains substantial, marking them as invaluable assets for IT professionals aspiring to thrive in Cisco's technological domain.

Cisco 300-910 Course Outline

In preparing for the Cisco 300-910 certification exam, utilizing video courses is highly beneficial, and ExamSnap stands out as a reliable resource for such materials. The video courses provide an immersive learning experience, helping candidates to understand complex concepts and real-world applications of DevOps practices on Cisco platforms. The visual and auditory engagement offered by these courses enhances retention and comprehension, which is crucial for mastering the extensive content of the 300-910 exam.

As for the ExamSnap website, it is recognized as a reliable resource for exam preparation materials, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to assist candidates in their certification journey. Their extensive collection, including up-to-date practice tests, study guides, and video courses, is tailored to meet the specific needs of various certification exams. This makes ExamSnap an invaluable asset for individuals aiming to achieve certification success through thorough and effective study practices. And you can use it while preparing for the Cisco 300-910 exam as well.

This is an indicative summary of the course's coverage.

The first exam topic of the Cisco 300-910, CI/CD Pipeline, focuses on understanding and applying Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices. It tests skills in deploying and managing build/deploy tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, and Travis CI. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in designing, integrating, and troubleshooting CI/CD pipelines, including handling code failures and tool incompatibilities. The topic also covers integrating tests, choosing appropriate deployment strategies (canary, rollbacks, blue/green), managing code dependencies, and interpreting CI/CD configuration files in real-world scenarios.

The second topic of the Cisco 300-910 exam, Packaging and Delivery of Applications, focuses on the methodologies for containerizing and deploying applications, particularly microservices. It assesses the ability to evaluate microservices and container architectures against various requirements like security and performance. This section also tests skills in implementing safe handling practices for sensitive data, constructing Docker files tailored to application specifications, and understanding the use of golden images in application deployment.

The third topic of the Cisco 300-910 exam, Automating Infrastructure, delves into integrating DevOps practices within organizational structures and utilizing tools like Ansible and Terraform for automating infrastructure services. It tests abilities to construct Ansible playbooks and Terraform configurations for application deployment. Additionally, this section covers the principles and advantages of Infrastructure as Code, designing pre-check validations in CI/CD pipelines for network and application infrastructure, extending DevOps practices to network (NetDevOps), and identifying key requirements like memory, disk I/O, network, and CPU for scaling applications or services.

The fourth topic, Cloud and Multicloud, in the Cisco 300-910 exam, focuses on the intricacies of Kubernetes and multicloud environments. It evaluates the understanding of Kubernetes concepts and the deployment of applications within Kubernetes clusters, ensuring candidates can utilize Kubernetes objects effectively to meet specific deployment requirements. Skills tested include validating deployment success on Kubernetes, strategizing application deployment across multiple environments (including cloud providers and high availability configurations), managing and projecting public cloud costs, understanding the benefits of Infrastructure as Code in cloud scenarios, and comparing different cloud service strategies, such as build versus buy.

The fifth topic of the Cisco 300-910 exam, Logging, Monitoring, and Metrics, focuses on the tools and methodologies for effectively troubleshooting and monitoring applications. It tests the ability to identify key elements of log and metric systems, implement log collection and reporting systems, and utilize Application Performance Monitoring tools like AppDynamics for troubleshooting. The topic also covers the principles of chaos engineering, constructing Python scripts for various monitoring tasks, enhancing application visibility, and understanding Kubernetes capabilities in logging and monitoring. Additionally, it examines the integration of logging, monitoring, and alerting within CI/CD pipeline designs.

The sixth topic of the Cisco 300-910 exam, Security, concentrates on securing applications and infrastructure in production and testing phases within CI/CD pipelines. It tests methods for implementing secure practices throughout the software development lifecycle, ensuring robust security protocols are integrated effective.

Cisco 300-910 Exam Dumps and Practice Test Questions

The Cisco 300-910 exam dumps and practice test questions available on the ExamSnap website are essential tools for candidates preparing for this certification test. These resources provide a comprehensive overview of the exam format and the types of questions one can expect, making them invaluable for effective preparation. The practice tests, closely mirroring the actual exam, enable candidates to familiarize themselves with the exam's style and complexity. This not only boosts confidence but also helps in identifying areas needing further study. Utilizing these dumps and practice questions from ExamSnap significantly enhances the learning experience by offering real-time simulation of the exam environment. They act as a crucial supplement to traditional study methods, ensuring a well-rounded preparation strategy. For anyone aiming to achieve a high score in the Cisco 300-910 exam, integrating these resources into their study plan is highly recommended.

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